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Ok, I'll do it ... THE NEXT IRON CHEF, SEASON 3, EPISODE 4, "TRANSFORMATION" (obviously spoiler alert)


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Ok, I'll do it ... THE NEXT IRON CHEF, SEASON 3, EPISODE 4, "TRANSFORMATION" (obviously spoiler alert)

ipsedixit | Oct 25, 2010 10:40 AM

Chef Estes is going home.

Ok, onto the recap.

Mystery ingredient chalenge was classic American condiments.

Each chef was assigned a condiment by Chef Canora (last week's winner).

Here's what they made.

Chef Caswell (ketchup): Ketchup Shrimp Cocktail Sauce
Chef Chauhan (ranch dressing): Lemon and Ranch Mousse
Chef Canora (mayo): Mayo pudding
Chef Forgione (bbq sauce): BBQ Pasta and BBQ Bolognese
Chef Tio (hot sauce): Almond Cake with Hot Sauce and Hot Sauce Ricotta
Chef Estes (mustard): Crop Crepes with Mustard
Chef Tsai (steak sauce): Steak Sauce Carpaccio

Chef Tio won and Chef Chauhan brought up the rear.

Up next was the elmination challenge ... at the San Diego County Fair.

Contestants meet up with Alton Brown at the fair and are challenged to transform fair food into haute cuisine. Each chef must use ingredients only found at the fair concession stands and make three dishes -- one grilled, skewered, and of course one deep fried.

Some highlights from judging:

Chef Tsai was chastised for leaving an "inedible" garnish on his plate (banana peel), which almost choked 2 of the judges. And the judges complained

Judges liked Chef Forgione's deconstructed cheeseburger.

Chef Estes defended what the judges found to be "uncooked" dough as "amond paste" in her deep fried strawberry chocolate pie. She also flubbed with a nasty, partially covered bacon caramel apple on a stick.

Chef Canora tried to "transform" typical fair food into healthy menu items, which the judges found "refreshing".

Chef Caswell made a nasty looking corn snow cone ... it was like something out of The Exorcist (think regurgitated pea soup on a snow cone).

Chef Estes and Chauhan brought up the rear, with Estes going home.

Chef Chauhan was warned, ever so menacingly, never to make her "corn cakes" again by Alton Brown, lest she want to go home. But she was probably ultimately saved by her avocado and chocolate beignet, which all the judges were impressed with.

Maybe what ultimately felled Chef Estes was her pronounciation of "gyro". Phoenetically, she made it sound like a scientific instrument,, and not something Chowhounds would recognize as a foodstuff,

Six left. On to next week.

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