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Next Iron Chef Redemption: Episode 6 (spoilers)


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Next Iron Chef Redemption: Episode 6 (spoilers)

Joanie | Dec 10, 2012 04:47 AM

The last 5 are brought to the MGM Grand in Vegas and in keeping with this marriage theme, have to marry two random flavors that Alton has put together. Marcel asked for a prenup which was amusing but since he won, he can assign the groups of food to the contestants. He picks the easiest, blue cheese and peanut butter and makes a blue cheese ice cream with peanut butter powder, peanut brittle and praline. Alex gets chicken livers and peppermint candies and makes a salad w/ chicken liver mousse and melts candy into balsamic and uses it as a dressing with mint, grilled raddichio and other stuff. Mehta gets bone marrow and fruit candies, he roasts the marrow and melts down the candy and has a chimichurri sauce. Appelman gets clams and strawberries and makes an aqua pazza sauce (2nd one in the series) with cavatelli. Freitag gets squid and marshmallows. She grills the squid, makes marshmallow/horseradish sauce and fries the tentacles. BTW, they had to cook in a small kitchen and people were getting snippy.

Everyone likes Marcel's dessert but think the plum something or other wasn't great. They also really like Freitag's squid but not the barley/marsh treat. She ends up winning since it was a harder combo. They thought Alex played it fairly safe but the flavors were good so she's safe. They thought the fruit and fish combo from Appel was good but didn't like the pasta (he says Italy would disagree) and Mehta ignored the candy too much in his dish. Those two get the secret ingredient of prawns. Appelman says something about something coming back to bite Marcel but not sure what he meant since of course Marcel was going to assign him an odd combo and didn't really do anything else to be a dick. Anyway, they have to cook it on a tepanaki grill. The ladies are all nervous wrecks watching these guys. Mehta does shrimp w/ coriander (or was it cumin?) and Appel does a pancake w/ shrimp and peas, had to do it over cuz the first one fell apart. Neither wowed the judges but Appel got the win since it was well balanced. Both of them are so sour pussed I didn't care who won (Alex made a comment about not wanting to see Appel in a dark alley with the face he had on) but I was slightly pulling for Appelman.

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