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Ipoh, Malaysia: Hot Eating Places

penang_rojak | Feb 24, 2009 05:18 AM

This thread is started from my exchange with Singapore Chowhound Fourseasons in another thread, since he asked for Ipoh eating places.

Here are some of my favourites, for a start -

(1) KONG HENG COFFEESHOP in cnr Jalan Panglima Garang/73 Jalan Pasar (OLD TOWN). This is the favourite eating spot for Ipoh's own Hollywood star, Michelle Yeoh. Even her parents Dato' & Datin Yeoh are regulars there. Four items NOT-TO-BE-MISSED at Kong Heng:
- (IPOH) KAI SEE HOR FUN, flat white rice noodles with really delicious prawn/pork broth. The stock is so rich, there's an orange-coloured oil atop the broth (from the prawn roe). The thin, silky koay-teow rice noodles is perfect - so smooth, which Ipoh people say is due to the use of clear mineral water from Ipoh spring-streams to make the noodles. It comes with toppings of shredded chicken & prawns, and ultra-crunchy taugeh (beansprouts)
- CHINESE-STYLE PORK & PIG INTESTINES SATAY. Heavenly sticks of char-grilled satay
- CHINESE LOH BAK - an assortments of fried minced pork rolls, prawn fritters, tauhu/beancurd, stingray fillets. Simply scrumptious, crisp on the outside, bursting with flavours inside
- POPIAH - thick, rich with bangkwang/turnips, prawns & egg.
Also, if you want some refreshing desserts, try the ICE-KACHANG with COCONUT MILK, sinfully rich. Or pop over to the THEAN CHUN coffeeshop right next to Kong Heng for its CREME CARAMEL dessert. As far as I'm concerned, I have been to those 2 coffeeshops for over 40 years, and all their dishes' tastes haven't changed one iota!

(2) Oneof the most well-known IPOH HOR FUN can be found at RESTAURANT LOU WONG TAUGE AYAM KUETIAU, 49 Jalan Yau Tet Shin. Opens from 5pm to 2am (or 3 am on weekends). Delicious chicken - free-range "woo soh kai". Pork balls & fish balls soup, plus beansprouts in delicious soy/chicken stock sauce are great accompaniments to the silken Ipoh hor fun noodles

(3) CURRY CHICKEN NOODLES from RESTORAN XIN QUAN FANG, 174 Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah. Open from 7.30am to lunch. You must come for breakfast very early - 9 am onwards is crazy-crowded. Been operating since before World War II. The delicous soupy curry gravy on yellow Hokkien noodles is unbelievable, served with roast pork (siew yoke), char-siew, fresh prawns and beansprouts. To die for!!! So popular, they have opened a branch in Hong Kong.

(4) HAKKA NOODLES from YIN YAU KUI, 153 Jalan Sultan Iskandar. Open from 7.30am until 12.30pm. Egg noodles (mee pok) with very tasty minced pork/fish sauce/soysauce/onion oil topping. Served with an assortment of stuffed beancurd, minced pork balls, fish balls, etc. More than 50 years old - another Ipoh legend.

(5) FAMOUS IPOH WHITE COFFEE can be had from the famous twin rivals SIN YOON LONG, 15A Jalan Bandar Timah and RESTORAN NAM HEONG, 2 Jalan Bandar Timah. Both open from 6/6.30am thereabouts until 6/6.30pm. Both coffeeshop have an assortment of food stalls selling almost every kind of Ipoh street food you can think of, but the star remain their incredibly rich, buttery, mellow coffee - SIMPLY THE BEST coffee you'd have ever tasted in your life. Both serve kaya toasts & other finger foods, but Nam Heong also have a famous fried koay teow stall in front. BE PREPARED TO QUEUE & JOSTLE for a table - they are both very popular with Ipoh office workers & gourmets/gourmands.

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