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iPad/iPhone/Mac Recipe application?


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iPad/iPhone/Mac Recipe application?

LATrapp | Feb 22, 2011 07:05 PM

Anyone have a favorite way to store and access recipes on their Apple devices?

YummySoup seems to offer the functionality I'm looking for on Mac OSX, but they do not have an iOS (iPad etc.) version yet. It can share libraries between more than one computer, but not simultaneously.

MacGourmet is more expensive and has an iOS version as well as an OSX version. It also can sync between the various devices, however for various minor reasons I seem to prefer YummySoup.

Anyone else use these things or have any other ideas? I think it's great to be surfing the web and picking up recipe ideas and then be able to sync them to your phone for shopping as well as using your phone or computer screen to refer to while preparing...

You can of course also annotate and reference as needed. Also, both appear to have 'import' functions that automatically parse out the recipe information from a website into the right format on their application.

Thanks for the help!!

(and Mods please feel free to move this to wherever- I just thought I'd hit the home cookers first!)

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