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University of Iowa alumnus here, and I wanted to open a discussion for fellow Hawkeyes: remembrances of Iowa City restaurants past. I personally was there 1998-2002.

My top haunts from those days:

Easyplace - cheap, greasy, delicious Chinese food. And they burned down *twice*!

Top Dogs - on the second floor, with a Donkey Kong arcade machine. Good greasy burgers - never actually had their hot dogs, although I remember bratwurst also being on the menu.

Sub Shop - I *think* this was around where the Etc. bar and the Burger King used to be, and yeah, it was literally called "Sub Shop". I also believe there was Blimpie's in the area.

The Brown Bottle - this was the go-to "classy" sit-down place, not as upmarket as the Linn Street Cafe.

Gringo's - I remember them more for drinks than for food.

Baldy's - I was in here all of once, but thoroughly enjoyed the wrap that I had. Never understood why I didn't stop in more often.

Home Team Pizza - I don't think they even used real cheese, but hell, they were cheap, and they took personal checks!

Other miscellaneous memories: a Hardee's (and a Subway?) in an indoor area near where the Technigraphics used to be, on a corner in the Ped Mall; A&A Pagliai's waaay over past Linn Street; a Happy Joe's on... I want to say Clinton; a Pizza Pit and Dairy Queen by the gas station on Market; Pokey Stix from Gumby's; and of course the good old Airliner. I think some of those may still be around.

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