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Iodine content in Sushi?


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Iodine content in Sushi?

Veronica | Aug 14, 2004 03:10 PM

In a search for an acne-free life, I've seen lots of weird and crazy food related, quasy-scientific solutions. However, a dermatologist recently told me something that made me go...HUH WHAT HUH ?!?!

He told me that there's been some research showing that a diet high in iodine seems to exacerbate acne. He gave me the list of food that I should avoid, and the number one food was sushi. Since I love it and eat it all the time, I was a little perturbed. He claims the reason that the fish in sushu is high in iodine is because its treated with kelp (which IS very high in iodine) in order to be sushi-grade. I asked him if he means rolls, which are actually wrapped in seaweed and not fish, but he definitely was talking about fish itself.

I've never heard this before and can't find any releveant info online. In my limited research its seems like the only thing you have to do in order for fish to be sishi-grade is to freeze it immediatly after catching. Can anyone help me with this?

Is sushi-grade fish in fact high in iodine? What other foods are? Is this all hog-wash?

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