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Introducing New Conversation Types - Continued


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Introducing New Conversation Types - Continued

MplsM ary | Jul 27, 2014 07:11 PM

I asked the mods to create a new thread to continue the discussion from this huge topic:

Never heard back and that thread is so huge it will not let me post a response to c oliver if that response contains a picture.
I *REALLY* wish that when changes were made to the site, they wouldn't just post it on Site Talk. So many people don't come here. A sticky link posted on every board would be helpful to let more people know what changes have happened.

RE: LindaWhit
MplsM ary
It is kinda plastered on every page though.

RE: MplsM ary
c oliver
How so, Mary?

RE: c oliver
MplsM ary
I tried to upload a pic. Because this thread is so overloaded I waited a half hour and had to give up.

The announcement is there on the right margin: "New Community Conversations Are Here." It's everywhere.

RE: MplsM ary
c oliver
Are you talking about the not-new feature (supposedly) that takes you to your first unread thread?

And so, I am attaching a pic here. See above ^

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