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Introducing the new Best of Chowhound Home Cooking

Dave MP | Jun 15, 201201:04 PM

The Home Cooking Digest is now called "Best of Chowhound Home Cooking" - as always, the posts on this blog highlight great content from the Home Cooking, Vegetarian & Vegan, and Special Diets boards. But we've also made some recent changes:

1) The Best of Chowhound Home Cooking blog now has 5 posts per week. Instead of publishing them all at once, the posts are distributed over the course of the week, so if you've subscribed to the RSS feed or have bookmarked the page, you can check back regularly to read new content.

2) Best of Chowhound posts can now contain photographs. We love it when users post great photos along with their recipes and ideas, and some of the best photos may get featured on Best of Chowhound. We're hoping that this Best of Chowhound blog will be even more engaging, thanks to the great writing and photos.

3) There's no longer an "Overheard" section like there was in the Digest, but you still might see Chowhound users being quoted within posts. There's no lack of love for great writing or great tips.

4) It's easy to get to Best of Chowhound via the new Blogs drop down, accessible from anywhere on CHOW.

Here's a link to the main Best of Chowhound Page:

And here's a link to the Best of Chowhound Home Cooking page:

You can subscribe to an RSS feed for either of these pages, or if you're a registered user, you can subscribe to an email newsletters via the Settings section of your Profile page. A single newsletter combines Best of Chowhound Home Cooking and General Topics.

If you have any questions or comments about this, please post them in this thread on Site Talk:

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