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how best to introduce someone to the manifold glory of mushrooms?


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how best to introduce someone to the manifold glory of mushrooms?

softserve | Jul 16, 2004 10:24 AM

yesterday, to my complete shock and surprise, (and apropos of nothing), my boyfriend said to me, "you know, there's really no reason for me not to like mushrooms. i think from now on i'll try eating them."

you see, he's always been the kind of picky eater that will reject an entire dish if it includes even the suggestion of "truffle oil" among the ingredient list, and is bound to frown petulantly if mushrooms arrive on his plate unbidden. i've tried to convince him that his general prejudice against these fungi is irrational -- he can dislike some mushrooms, but disliking all mushrooms is ridiculous. like disliking cheese or foreign films -- you can hate blue cheese or godard, but to dismiss the entire category... ridiculous!

the reason he's always cited for his dislike of mushrooms: their "texture." whatever. (i should say that he refuses to eat eggs, too. i'm still working on that one.)

anyway, to get to the point. i'd like to break him into the mushroom habit slowly. not anything too overwhelmingly earthy or "mushroomy" to begin with. any suggestions? i'm thinking enoki mushrooms bundled in prosciutto and arugula and braised in butter (my mom used to make these). but i'm sure you all have some good ideas. let's hear them!


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