Intro to wine - from a nondrinking family


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Intro to wine - from a nondrinking family

speakhandsforme | Sep 4, 2013 05:09 PM

Hello friendly CH denizens,

Yours truly has recently hit the 21st birthday milestone, and it's time for me to finally start drinking and cooking with wine. Hooray!

One catch: I have no idea where to start. I come from a teetotaler family - there was no alcohol in the house whatsoever while I was growing up, so I never tasted anything and therefore have no preferences.

I've attempted to Google first-time wine guides, but they're all too in-depth about grape types, regions and other things I'm not interested in at the moment. I do know a little about types.

I have bought two bottles so far: Beringer Red Moscato and Yellowtail Pinot Grigio. My initial impression is that the red is probably sweeter than reds generally are. The Pinot Grigio has almost no flavor, but provided the necessary ingredient for the shrimp scampi I made last night.

Where did you start with wine? What would you recommend for a newbie? Any favorites? I'm a college student, so my budget is sadly limited to bottles under $10, but I think that's workable.


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