Interesting Article on Corkage


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Interesting Article on Corkage

Morton the Mousse | Apr 6, 2006 03:15 PM

Interesting Article on Corkage in ths SF Chron today. My favorite quotes:

"If corkage was illegal...18 months from now, the Bay Area would have the most rocking wine scene on the planet."
-Bobby Stuckey, a master sommelier and former wine director at French Laundry in Yountville

"When you write a budget, you think wine is going to represent a big chunk of your revenue. When it doesn't, the numbers don't make sense. I had no idea when I was putting the restaurant together that the amount of wine brought in would be this out of hand."
-Richard Reddington chef/owner of the newly opened Redd restaurant in Yountville

Curious to hear what the hounds think. How do hounds who live in a state where corkage is banned feel about it? How do hounds who work in the industry feel about patrons bringing in bottles? Do people really feel that it is their "right" to bring in a bottle?


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