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Can I insist on the exact weight of meat and fish? Should I?


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Can I insist on the exact weight of meat and fish? Should I?

akq | Jun 22, 2010 10:18 AM

A poster on my local board is furious that a fishmonger didn't make his salmon fillet exactly .5 lb as requested and didn't say "it's a little over, is that ok?" This got me wondering - how exact should the weight at the meat or fish counter be? How much over/under is acceptable? Is it ok to insist the butcher or fishmonger trim your purchase down to exact weight even if that means more waste trimmings for them?

In the case on the local board, the poster asked for .5 lb of salmon at $13/lb. The fillet initially weighed in at .85 and the fishmonger trimmed it down, and wrapped it up. The poster later discovered that it was over .5 lb by $2, which by my calculations means it could have been .6 lb or thereabouts. To me, this seems close enough and I wouldn't expect the fishmonger to waste .1 lb of fish to make my piece exactly .5 lb, but maybe others would? Should they tell you it's still a bit over? Is it ok to tell them "no, it's not ok that it's a little over" and insist they trim the piece of fish further?

Does it matter how expensive the item is? Either because the customer shouldn't have to pay for more than she asked for or because the store shouldn't have to waste expensive items?

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