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Ingredient munching confession...


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Ingredient munching confession...

Uncledave | Feb 3, 2002 04:31 PM

I sometimes nibble on things that are normally considered ingredients. This goes disturbingly beyond scarfing a spoonfull of peanut butter or gnawing a hunk of parmesan.

Now and then I eat a tablespoon of sesame seeds. I crunch em right up into a delicious mouthful of tahini. Of course, if I happen to have a jar of tahini on hand, I'll dive right in.

To satisfy sweet cravings, I may take a swig of pure maple syrup or savor a spoonfull of honey.

I'll eat capers and cocktail onions right out of the jar and munch sundried tomatoes like they're grapes.

No, I'm not a bachelor with a "condiment only" fridge, just strange. ;)

Am I uniquely deranged?


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