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What should I infuse next?


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What should I infuse next?

grrlscout | May 14, 2007 09:00 AM

As you may have seen in another thread, I recently made some limoncello. I thought that was so fun (I'm easily entertained), and I enjoyed the results so much, I've decided to take on another project.

I am interested in making an infused vodka (though I'm not *entirely* opposed to gin or rum). I've made a pepper vodka before, and that was nice. But I'm thinking of something more exotic this time.

I am intrigued by these three flavors: ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime. My initial thought was to do one with all three. Then I thought that the ginger would overpower the other two. So I should save the ginger for another project.

Now I am inclined to try lemongrass or kaffir lime, or both, and perhaps use the remaining flavor/s in a simple syrup.

What are your thoughts on which flavors would be best as an infusion or syrup? Should I make a "one note" or a "two note"? Have you tried any of these flavored infusions?

Thanks in advance!

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