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Inflation strikes Oyamel. Others? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

takajin | Apr 21, 200812:38 PM

At the end of February, SO and I made a pact to return to Oyamel for a pitcher of margaritas (and dinner) on the first really nice night of the year. We really like their margaritas.

As of February 29th, the price of a pitcher of margaritas was $29 (since confirmed per the as-yet to be updated website). We wandered in last Friday night and promptly ordered a pitcher. I did look at the menu to confirm the price, but I think I saw what I wanted to see and so was suprised when receiving the bill to see that a pitcher was now $38! An increase of more than 30%

I was shocked and doublechecked another menu. This one confirmed the price of $38, so I assume I just didn't pay enough attention to the menu the first time.

The margaritas were still tasty (if a bit on on the "virgin" side) and the food was delicious. But $38 for a pitcher of not-very alcoholic margaritas left us a little disappointed. I'm sure we'll return eventually as we like the food, but not with the same fervor. And probably not for another pitcher of margaritas.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think prices have generally crept up by smaller margins on the menu (roughly 10%-15% on tacos, etc.) . Certainly this is to be expected as food and gas prices rise, but the mark-up on margaritas was quite shocking.

Anyone else noticing inflation hitting the menus of their go-to restaurants?

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