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Inexpensive grocery items that are surprisingly good

Anne | Jan 21, 2008 04:46 AM

A recent posting about buying "better butter" got me to thinking. I buy my butter from Save-a-Lot. The brand is Coburn Farms and costs $1.99 for the pound (4 sticks). While I can't claim to have tried every butter out there, this is the best I've ever had. Really made a difference in my Christmas cookies.
Another "cheap favorite" of mine is Kroger's Neufchatel cheese. It's what Philadelphia brand calls "1/3 fat cream cheese". The Kroger cheese is superior to the Philadelphia brand---we like it even better than any "full fat" cream cheese we've tried. It usually sells for about $1 (less when on sale) for the 8 oz. package.
So, what are YOUR favorite food bargains?

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