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cookingwithcharlie | Aug 1, 2007 07:20 PM

I have gas stove with small burners and it doesn't heat my pans to the edge. I also have a Lodge cast iron wok that I really like (though it weighs about 12 lbs). My burners don't keep the wok up to temperture and I don't think my stir fries are as good as the could be if I could keep the heat better. All my cook ware is cast iron or enameled cast iron so I know it would work on an induction burners

I have been thinking about an freestanding induction burner but I have some questions to see if it would solve some cooking problems.

1. Is there enough power to keep a wok up to 350-400 degrees (or recover quickly) when the food is put in?

2. Does it keep a pan at constant temperture once you have it set? For example if you were to set it at 250 degrees would it stay at that tempture or would it keep increasing like gas?

3. Will it heat a 12" skillet all the way to the outside?

4. My wife is blind, would it be easy to use? Do you know of any models that would be any easier to use than others? My wife would prefer something with knobs but I understand that digital controls would be probably something we would have to settle for? Are there any brands that talk to you? We can label things in Braille and have glue on dots that we use so she can use the oven and the toaster oven. Would an induction burner be easier and safer for a blind person? My wife can't control the gas that well so she tends towards the toaster oven or the slowcooker when she cooks. She uses the gas burners for for heating water for tea or for heating the Indian Food boil in the bag entrees where all you have to do is turn it on high. Would this give her more control over the heat?

5. Is there a brick and mortar store that would carry them? I live in the Ann Arbor area so I have access to most major chain stores. I would like to see them in person.

6. How good are they at heating a pot of water? My gas burners are so slow when I want pasta or cook corn.

I am wondering if an induction burner would be worth it and make a difference in my kitchen. My wife's leader dog thinks I am a great chef with what we have.

I have enjoyed the discourse and have learned a lot from the various threads. I appreciate having a place to ask questions and having all this experience and knowledge to draw from.



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