Indoor mushroom garden, worth the trouble?


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Indoor mushroom garden, worth the trouble?

Bottomless_Pit | Nov 6, 2010 10:59 PM

Hey, I live in the North East hardiness zone 6. I was wondering if mushroom farming was worth the effort. I got a basement that has a lot of space not being used effectively. There is a lot of trash that would take considerable effort to move to make room for my mushrooms.

Anyways, I'm bored and its almost winter, I want to see something grow, I don't want to lose hundreds of dollars, but I'm okay losing $50 or so on the mushrooms. I'm also planning on planting some cereal rye, A.K.A. winter rye. Would I better off focusing my efforts on growing some rye, and planning for spring?

BTW, my outside garden didn't yield many squash, but did yield a lot of radishes, over 50! I'm so excited! It was worth spending about 25 hours of double digging. Only reason I mention the above is to give you an idea of my stamina, I know gardening is hard work.

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