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Indonesian Ingredients:Shrimp Paste and Candle Nuts


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Indonesian Ingredients:Shrimp Paste and Candle Nuts

Lindsay B. | Apr 15, 2002 01:02 PM

Last night I made my first foray into Indonesian cooking. I have a few questions about ingredients.

1. What's the best brand of Indonesian shrimp paste. I used some I happened to have on hand with Thai writing on the label. It worked fine, but I couldn't help but wonder if I was getting the real deal.

2. Are Holland chilis the same as birdseye chilis?

3. If you don't have candlenuts, should you substitute macadamias or cashews one-to-one? That's what the recipe implied, but the candlenuts I've seen in pictures look much bigger than a standard macadamia nut.

4. What's the best online source of Indonesian groceries?

5. What's the definitive Indonesian cookbook? I noticed that Aaron B.'s outstanding list of definitive ethic cookbooks didn't mention Indonesian cuisine.


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