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Indonesian/Dutch Food Festival (Bazaar) report - any others came ?

Han Lukito | Nov 4, 200202:52 PM     15

We were there for the full 6 hours duration of the bazaar and it was great. It was held in a huge hall in San Jose with some 30 vendors most of whom were selling food. It was quite well organized. There were plenty of tables with plastic tablecloth. Thanks Peter Yee for being there for the chowhounds (This is your third visit there if I recall). I saw several hounds at the bazaar. I can vouch that these hounds are THE GENUINE chowhounds. They came from SF to find good things in SJ. Those hounds who missed it, missed a great food event. I personally did not get a chance to carefully scrutinize each offering at the bazaar since I was busy manning our own booth. But I managed to sample quite a few things that I will share.

Macaroni Schoetel is a rectangular shaped hunk of deliciousness. It consists of macaroni, cheese, eggs and finely ground meat (beef I think) and a few other things (spices) that I could not identify. The whole thing was baked perfectly. It was wrapped in plastic wrapping neatly and sold by couple of lovely young ladies. This is the BEST version of its type. Absolutely delicious. I had it for breakfast this morning and I was instantly transported to food nirvana. My only regret is I just bought one. Should have bought 5 at least. This alone was worth coming to the bazaar. This dish is dutch influenced. The only drawback was presentation. It looked so dry and was not appetizing at first sight. Looks can be deceiving !

"Lontong Cap Gomeh" is the Indonesian word for this dish. It consist of rice cake wrapped in banana leaf until the outside absorbed the greeninsh colour and the fragrant aroma from steaming it. Then to that, add the spiced orange coconut based chicken broth with some green PETEH(stinky beans), chicken, tofu and . This is a very good rendition. The only drawback was that some of the rice cake was perfect for one batch and the other batches were not.

"Gudeg" is an Indonesian dish which consits of jackfruit stewed in cocount based chicken broth until soft. Good texture almost like its perfect version in Jogjakarta. Only negative is its color is too dark. The booth that sells this is located way back and obviously was among the best. They had many kinds of dishes.

"BUBUR AYAM SUKABUMI" is porridge (rice soup) with shredded chicken, peanuts, crackers

Dessert: had the ES CENDOL which is coconut based drink with soft green coloured jelly beans. Excellent !

-RISOLES: rolled crepe with ragout filling dusted with fine bread crumbs. One vendor had this dish very good.
-LEMPER: fragrant glutinous rice, shaped in cylinder with sweet spiced chicken filling. Excellent.

Sweets and cakes:
-KUE LAPIS: multicolored, multilayered gelatinous "cake". One package had 6 of this. Definitely a gourmet version of its kind. Drawback: too gourmet for my taste. I like it more rustic. Also the colour was not to my liking.
-KUE LOPIS: a blob of tapioca ball with coconut shavings and brown sugar syrup. Good.

What I missed and did not have a chance to try was the following:
-Spechoek: Multilayered butter cake. A dutch dish.
-Oxtail soup
-Nasi Goreng: Indonesian fried rice complete with eggs, shrimp crackers, etc.
-Various satays: chicken, etc.

Now some of you may ask how do we do as a vendor there ? We had three offering there.

1. MARTABAK: a "flat" egg roll with fillings of beef, green onion and egg. This was a HUGE success. Completely sold out couple hours before the bazaar was over. Our version was excellent IMHO.

2. SATAY BABI MANIS: sweet pork satay was also completely sold out. We did not execute this dish as well as I like. It should have been more tender. I have already complained to the person who grilled them.

3. BAKMIE AYAM: braised noodles with chicken, vegs(bok choy), beef balls and chicken broth. Our version is excellent and identical in taste to some of the best BAKMIE in Indonesia. Some discerning Indonesian individuals were lucky to pick our dish out of hundreds of contenders and they were RICHLY rewarded. We only sold 30% of it and I got noodles packages leftover enough to feed a small army.

Those who missed it will get another chance next year !

I am interested in others opinion. Good or bad about the bazaar. Any others who want to share ?

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