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Indian "finger foods" appetizers & desserts to serve at ladies tea?

The Dairy Queen | May 20, 200805:41 AM

I swear I saw a post recently on Indian sweets that I can't seem to find now, so, my apologies if this is a duplicate. Feel free to link me back to that post if indeed there was one.

I'm hosting a tea and India is one of the themes. I'd like it to be a pretty low-maintenance kind of event, where the food doesn't need a lot of tending to, etc. and where everything is pretty much "finger food" or bite sized items that look pretty on a serving tray.

I'm set for entree type dishes for my menu but was looking for an appetizer-type item and a dessert-type item (or two) for my menu. Something that I can pick up at an Indian restaurant the day before the event, store easily overnight, then serve, ideally at room temp (though we might be able to heat them up if needed.)

Any ideas for some appetizers or desserts for me? It doesn't matter, by the way, which region of India the food hails from for my purposes.

Oh, and if you know of a tea you recommend, let me know that, too!

Thank you!


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