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Incredibly good eight hour roasted pork


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Incredibly good eight hour roasted pork

Marie Hoch | Jan 27, 2006 11:30 PM

I get some of my best recipes from strangers. Need to feed a lot of people? Want something delicious and easy they won't forget?

Buy one or two large boneless pork shoulders. Its not really the shoulder I think. I buy them at Costco vacuum wrapped with two inside for about $20. I got this recipe from a chef buying these at Costco.

Upwrap the shoulders, dry them and liberally salt and pepper. Use lots and lots of salt. Dont worry..you are just salting the outside. Add any other spices you like. Place on a roasting rack in 250 degree oven. Roast for eight hours, more or less. It should be easily fork tender when its done. I use a convection oven but have had great results with a regular oven.

Your house will smell heavenly. The pork will have a carmelized crust over the fat and meat. The crust is savory, moist, and chewy. You won't be able to stop picking at it. You can pull the meat apart with a fork. Don't waste the carmelized drippings in the bottom. Because of the low heat, the meat juices do not burn. Serve as is, or with a vinegar based BBQ sauce, or with tortillas and mexican add ons. Keeps in the refridgerator for a week or freeze the leftovers with some of the meat juices.

If you want more carmelized crust, you can slice the boneless shoulder lengthwise so you have two top and bottom crusts from the same piece.

Its the eight hour slow roast plus the liberal salt and pepper that turns the pork into something similar to carnitas. Remember, carnitas are fried, this is just roasted with no mess, no work, yet a "slaved all day" end result.


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