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Inappropriate Language - Sexually and Racist based Epithets?


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Inappropriate Language - Sexually and Racist based Epithets?

opinionatedchef | May 21, 2011 12:03 PM

I have been amazed to see the condoned usage of 'dick' and 'douche' on my local board lately. The Moderators finally responded to my complaint with a version of this:

"Our policy on incidental vulgarity, obscenity, and general offensiveness in otherwise chow-ful postings is that anything is OK so long as it's not said in anger or is clearly intended to stir up trouble. Our role as moderators is not to shield all users from anything they might find offensive. If we tried to do so, there'd be literally no end to it, because many different people are offended by many different things. We ask that everyone show tolerance for different sorts of voices in our huge community. The alternative - a group with homogeneous ways of speaking and thinking - would not be good for this resource."

My strong belief is that a public forum that purports to want to have an open and positive profile in the larger web community- is degrading itself by condoning use of language that is unnecessary, inappropriate and completely unprofessional.

I do not believe that 'there would be no end to it' if the CH- allowed language rule were that no sexually or racially based epithets could be used. What do you think?

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