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First Impressions of Vienna, and Emergency Recommendations!


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First Impressions of Vienna, and Emergency Recommendations!

shubashuba | Sep 10, 2012 12:20 PM

Hi! I've posted a thread before long ago regarding my pre-college foodie jaunt around Europe, and am currently on my first day! I'd just like to share some first impressions, as well as get some advice.

After touching down, I headed to Cafe Pruckel, because it's a name I've heard around here and also wanted the WiFi to do some googling. The pastries looked fantastic but I was famished - I did not have breakfast and it was nearly three by the time I reached the cafe, so I ordered a main instead. Bad choice, and perhaps my hunger affected my first impression - I ordered the tafelspitz and was quite honestly floored by the small size of it. I mean, I do have quite an appetite but there were only two rather small slices of beef and while it was all quite tasty, I had expected more for 10.50 Euros. I had initially thought Europe would be an awesome place for me because I adore my meat...maybe the cafe just wasn't a good place to have a sit down meal.

I tried my luck with sweets instead and struck gold! Adored both iterations of the mini sacher torte at the Aida chains and Cafe Demel- an idea I thought was brilliant, frankly, so that I could stomach more choices. BTW, any other stuff worth trying for someone new to European pastries? Everything at Demel was foreign and looked fantastic. From my search I understand the strudels are also recommended. The many gelaterias seduced me and I went with a triple scoop of chocolate, a cream-rocher blend recommended to me and a rum and raisin at gelateria hohr markt which I remembered reading about here. Incredible! And ridiculously cheap, considering that in Singapore a similar deal would fetch at least twice that. So I was pleasantly surprised that Zanoni and Zanoni just down the corner was even cheaper. Out of interest I tried a roadside stand of the same triple flavours and found the quality quite good as well. Its just a pity they use the sugar cones which aren't quite as good as a waffle. Are there any other gelaterias worth trying, or any flavours recommended? Apart from the common ones I can't even tell what the flavours are, so I just asked for recommendations. I stay near the Naschmarkt and so am going to ty the ones by the Schoko company next.

Lastly, and this may seem strange, but are there any foods or groceries in Vienna that one cant find in London at reasonable prices? I say this because I come from a place where such European products are normally extremely limited at sky high prices. Quite frankly even walking into the supermarket has me excited to no end - I'm tempted to blow all my money on the cheeses, aspiks, sausages and pickles and cart them all in my luggage. Heck, thanks to Singapore's vice tax even alcohol seems extremely cheap here. That said, I'll be based in London for four years so I don't want to bring stuff back just to find them as available there' though I've got half a mind to buy 20 different bars at the Meinl shop.

Forgot about dinner! That was settled by some exotic pickles i bought earlier and a visit to a wurst stand (budget trip) which quite frankly I found more satisfying than lunch at Pruckel. While the weather isn't quite right for hot chocolate, I'm quite the chocolate fiend and will be going out for z&z's hot chocolate after typing this post - must get my fix when I'm still here, and it was highly recommended in a Google search. Any others I should try?

I'll be heading to brunmemarkt tomorrow, followed by the chocolate museum, and then lunch at the Phoenixhof cafe. Hopefully it won't be another disappointing lunch. Thanks in advance!

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