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Is it important to give your dishes a cool name?

phan1 | Jun 13, 2008 03:11 PM

OK, there's this thing that's been bugging me and it all started with Richard from Top Chef giving whimsical names to his dishes. It seems like a very modern trend. He calls his cut bananas "banana scallops". And he had a poultry dish with different parts of poultry and called it "which came first". Throughout the whole season, he comes up with whimsical names for his dishes.

Of course, it's more than just naming the dish; it's adding some humor and personality to the dish. Thomas Keller has a super-fancy "Coffee and Doughnuts" and has his "tongue in cheek" dish as well. But I think there's a limit to what you can do. "Banana scallops" is OK if the dish looks like it came out of the ocean with foamy sauce and panko crumbs for sand. But by itself, it's a bit much. C'mon, it's a F'n cut up banana! And in themed restaurants, you'll have a "jungle salads" and stuff like that. What's your opinion on making up names for dishes? Cool or uncool?

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