Impact of sunlight on wine, your 2 cents


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Impact of sunlight on wine, your 2 cents

pairswellwithwine | Apr 13, 2011 09:50 AM

Hello wine lovers, I manage the display for a wine auction and every year that is held in an upscale hotel that has west facing floor to ceiling windows, with not curtains or blinds. The wine is setup next to the windows and by 3pm, there is some direct sun through these windows, typically resulting in a mad dash to cover the windows to protect the wine. This event takes place in the Pacific Northwest in late Spring and guests begin to arrive around 5pm so the window coverings are typically only on the windows for an hour or so.

Here is where I would like some opinions. I think that based on the time of year and that the wine is in a temperature controlled environment with UV coated windows that the 2 hours or so where there may be some direct sunlight exposure the risk is minimal for wine damage and the act of climbing in and around the displayed wine to cover the windows represents a greater risk to the wine.

I welcome any and all opinions and if there is documentation to back it up even better.


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