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why im aggravated at the kosher restaurant world


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why im aggravated at the kosher restaurant world

shoelace | Mar 7, 2013 09:35 PM

so, my 96 y.o. grandmother, who used to live two miles away from me, took a fall over the summer and since then has been staying over the bridge initially by my aunt, and now- at a rehab center- i try to head out every week on thursday nights to spend some time with her, this week, bc of the snow insanity they were predicting, i went out after work on wednesday

part of my routine has been to stop on my way home for quick take out for dinner- i used the kosher gps (check it out if u havent yet, its been a huge help for a shul for quick shabbos supplies when my research wasnt good) and found two places over the summer that are open late enough that ive been stopping by on the way home

anyway- last night- i stopped at one of them on my way home- i shared fried chicken (theirs is insane) and a Beef Fry Lettuce and Tomato last week- and hoped to do the same this week- i arrived and was told they were out of beef fry- which is understandable, it was late on a thursday night- and their stuff tends to be super fresh

so the owner said that the steak sandwich was popular, so i ordered that, asked a few questions, and then brought it home

initially my dinner buddy bit in to it, cringed, and then decided to make frozen hot dogs instead, that should have been enough of a warning, instead, i bit in to it, this was the worst sandwich ive ever had- the meat was totally unseasoned- no salt or pepper- it was really overcooked and the texture was weird- it was in bread that didnt work for a steak sandwich, and they either forgot the sauce, or it just was flavorless when matched with the pile of unseasoned beef

so there are a lot of things i like about this place- the fried chicken, the beef fry sandwich, most moist grilled chicken ive ever had- so i figured rather than post about it, id send a quick email, or an inbox fb msg (not on a public wall) and i was hoping for a response of- oh shoot- we must have left off the sauce- im so sorry, or some level of explanation, instead- i got a kind of odd- i thought hostile response "sorry you didnt like it... well see you when we see you"- what the hell

so today- was aggravated abt it, and telling a friend the story- and he said "it's a kosher restaurant, you can't look at your experience there with the level of seasoning or with the customer service and compare them- you have to temper your expectations"

suffice it to say that was not the answer i was looking for

im not saying that there are no restaurants with great seasoning and good service, - i eagerly await the opening of hakadosh bbq- the restaurant :-), citron and rose- i dont think i need to elaborate- anyone who has been there- the food is incredible and the wait staff is sincerely interested, both in your current experience and in what they can do in the future to make it better, l'bella on main street- the sit down, not the pizza- perfectly seasoned dairy italian AND wait staff that make you feel like they actually mean it when they say 'happy to' after you make a request, even a place like chickies in nnj if youre looking for a fast shnitzel sanwich- great sauce/breading matchups, and even more receptive and responsive service

but those experiences are in the minority

am i alone in feeling like we tend to put up with issues from out restaurants that would kill a restaurant in the real world, bc we feel like we dont have much of a choice??

please tell me im being crazy and overreacting- bc im not ready to give up that chicken :-)

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