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Il Mulino

Sharon LeWinter | Jan 19, 2000 09:12 AM

I must talk about our dinner there last night. We've been there a couple of times, but haven't been back in a while. It is supposed to be the best Italian restaurant in NYC. Impossible to get a res. We got there at 8pm and weren't seated until 8:40. I was pissed. I was hoping the food was as good as I remembered. OH MY GOD. As soon as you sit down they give you food. Garlic bread soaked in olive oil. Salami. Eggplant. The waiter comes over with a HUNK of Parmesan cheese and a stake and pounds the stake into the cheese until a hunk falls off and puts it on your plate. This is before you even look at a menu. Then the waiter comes over and reads the specials, this takes 20 min. You're full before you even start. I ordered langostines appetizer. Everything is dripping in oil and garlic, so you have to like that. The langostines were incredibly delicious. Then I got the rack of lamb. EIGHT lamb chops arrived on my plate. I could barely eat one (I will have the leftovers tomorrow night, I can't wait.) My friend ordered pears for dessert. The waiter comes over with the pears and berries and whipped cream and he created the dessert before our eyes. I was in pain from being so full. I'm still full. It was amazing. Got home at midnight. Coma victim. Worth it.

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