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Ikeda opening in Sacramento!!

Christine DiBona | Jul 20, 200105:24 PM

So, because we live out in the country, it is not insane for us to drive ~40 miles each way when we get a hankering for a GOOD deli sandwich. Wednesday morning the urge hit, and a dearth of icy cold Cooper's in the fridge settled the question. Road trip to Corti Brothers!

The last remaining outpost of Corti Bros. is the one on Folsom Blvd, not too far off 50. Considering their reputation, it's an odd locale - I remember the first time last year I went there, sure that the car's nav system was horribly wrong, as I drove by tired asphalt lots, abandoned shops, worn-out strip malls. Corti Bros doesn't look a whole lot better than the rest of it's neighbors so what's inside may come as a wonderful shock. I'll sing the store's praises another time, except to say that the sandwiches made to order in the deli are GREAT and amazingly cheap for what you get. This post is about our discovery a few blocks away.

Driving down Folsom, from 50 (if you've taken the 65th st exit) you pass a couple of intriguing places. I'd promised myself this trip I'd check out Molino's Orange Freeze, as I'd seen them doing some work inside, and giving the outside bright new coat of paint. Who knows what could be up? It's a big shed of a building, with glass all along the front. As we walked over from the parking lot, I noticed the big wooden packing crates on the concete patio. Stencilled "Ikedas" ! Curiouser and curiouser....Inside was fresh and open, in that industrial/packing shed style: simple wire chairs and tables off on the left, a long counter on the right, menu on a board over the kitchen pass-thru. Hmmmm, no orange freezes on the menu....but there's an orange julius shake. The Sunkist juice machine directly in my line of sight gave me pause, though. Did this place specialize in rehydrated OJ? When asked, the bouncy counterperson waved a container of real orange juice to reassure me that they used the real thing, and then said "You should talk to him about our fruit and stuff" and waved over this guy in an Ikedas t-shirt.

I recognized him from 'California Heartland' (subject for another post), one of the sons I think. Super nice guy, and he gave me the lowdown on what they sere planning: The day we visited was a training day for the staff - we ordered milkshakes (good! and comped because they were learning, what a nice gesture), but could have had smoothies, burgers or rice plates. What will get most Ikedas fans excited though is...PIES! Made in auburn, they'll be delivered to the Sacto and Davis stores daily. About half the space seems dedicated to retail and seating, I'd assume there'll be an espresso bar somewhere. Really exciting to me is their plan have the best fish counter in Sacramento. Not only will there be fish to take home, they plan on grilling whatever's best, and offering it on the daily menu with a yummy sounding wasabi sauce. Sacramento REALLY needs a good fishmonger. The first day for fish is Saturday, so I know where I'm headed after the farmer's market in P-ville. Of course they'll be selling the seasonal fruit from their orchard, and I'd guess their other products.

All in all, it's a nice addition to the Sacramento scene. And it's on the way to Corti Brothers! Not far off the freeway for those of you just passing through on your way to Tahoe or other points west. There wasn't a number on the building when we were there, but the address of the bagel shop next door is 6260 Folsom Blvd. The Molinos Orange Freeze sign is still up, and easy to see as you drive down Folsom. Parking lot's awful small for the kind of business I'm guessing they'll be geting...

That stretch of road still has some possibilities...anyone been to the 'Hoppy Brewing Company', about a block closer to the freeway?


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