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I'm an idiot-bad judgment in the kitchen


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I'm an idiot-bad judgment in the kitchen

fldhkybnva | Mar 3, 2013 05:45 AM

Well I guess two nights on call at the hospital disactivates the better judgment gene. Last night I couldn't decide which vinegar I wanted to use and coincidentally all of my options only had a few tbsps left so I decided to do the "pour in the mouth" taste. 1st bad idea? What! Who does that? Then I forget a few don't have a good sprinkle cap but a pour cap. First bottle, in it went...a nice pour of red wine vinegar on the back of my throat. I guess 6% acid can be caustic like it's chemical forms hydrochloridic acid. Immediate burn, throat still scratchy and inflamed. Have you had any moments of obvious bad judgment in the kitchen?

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