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Italian Cakes Help Me Identify

Help me identify this Italian cake


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Help me identify this Italian cake

Eric Eto | Mar 24, 2003 01:45 PM

The discussion about Veniero's bakery on the Manhattan board reminded me of this cake I bought in Rome a few years back. The only place I've seen it is at Veniero's but I've been reluctant to get it there as I'm sure it'll be costly and I feel I'm bound to be disappointed. This is a very dense cake with what seems like and outer crust of marzipan or something almondy and pasty. It's dome-shaped, almost like a bundt cake without the hole in the center. The outer paste-like crusting is ridged diagonally down the side of the cake. The one I got in Rome had a filling of apricot jam, and I'm forgetting if there was an actual cake in the center. Regardless, that cake was heavenly, and now I wonder if I can actually find the same or similar item locally (NYC or otherwise), but first I need to know what it's called.

I discovered this cake when I was staying with some friends of friends in a southern section of Rome near the Colli Albani metro stop. Since they were so gracious to me, I wanted to buy a nice dessert and found this bakery near the Metro stop that only made this cake. It was sold by weight. Any ideas? I may break down and buy the damn thing at Veniero's now.

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