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Can you please identify this curry dish?


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Can you please identify this curry dish?

Covert Ops | Sep 28, 2006 09:18 PM

I've never eaten Indian food, but there's a Japanese restaurant nearby that serves curry, and co-workers go and pick up for me. I'd like to know if this matches a common Indian dish so I'll know what to order (or something like it) should I try an Indian restaurant soon.

The place we get it from calls it "fried chicken katsu curry." It has a fried chicken breast cut into strips and white rice, and served in a bowl on the side is a yellow curry and brown gravy sauce, with chunks of beef (or possibly lamb), carrots and potatoes. Our whole office gets the same thing and the smell is HEAVENLY. :-)

Katsu sounds Japanese. . .how would I order this in an Indian restaurant? And if they dont' have such a thing, what's similar that I could get? I would really like to try an Indian place but I'm a little wary of unfamiliar foods. I like a little spice (think General Tso's chicken) but nothing too hard-core.

Thanks chowfriends!

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