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Ideas for some economical main course at a 50th Anniversary party for at least 100.....

Kree8tif | Jan 2, 201205:04 PM

The problem is my sister and I are both pretty good cooks, our two sister in laws aren't, but they will want to pitch in to help. We will have a kitchen available at the club where my parents have chosen to have the party, but won't be able to get in to use the kitchen and decorate until 3 hrs prior to the start time of the party, so the food needs to be prepared in advance if possible. Since they have taken so much time deciding where they want to have the party, we are now down to less than a month and a half to plan it. We have a keg steamer/cooker that we can cook a large amount of food in over a propane burner if we come up with the right thing to prepare. We've cooked chili, jambalaya, and low country boils in it for large crowds before, but that's too casual for the occasion to me.

Here are some idea's we've come up with so far......

Lasagna, Ziti, or Spaghetti and meatballs (none are my mother's favorite but she will eat them if not given a choice.)

BBQ (my sisters idea of cooking pork loin in a roaster for hours with store bought sauce, that's not BBQ in my opinion, and awfully casual for a 50th celebration! We always do BBQ on the smoker.)

Coq Au Vin (our idea, but my sister say's it's too "frou frou")

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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