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Ideas for creative use of pre-planned leftovers


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Ideas for creative use of pre-planned leftovers

Chookums | Sep 1, 2012 02:11 PM

Hi everyone,

Do you deliberately cook extra to in order to re-purpose it for subsequent meals ?

I've started doing this to save time but I am running out of inspiration, so I would love to know what others do.

I sometimes make a double batch of spag bol, put the extra in a baking dish, next night I make bechamel, pour half over the spag and top with cheese (sometimes I'll tuck in ricotta &/or a little frozen spinach first), the remaining bechamel with cheese melted in goes over that night's veggies. The third night the spag goes into the oven, and that's dinner done!

Roast lamb leg - leftovers used in a wrap with salad, tomatoes, hummus etc. Or made into a curry, often in the slowcooker and with chick-peas.

I make a double batch of stewed beef and onions in the pressure cooker, take out half when the meat's tender, and chuck potatoes and veggies into the pot for beef stew the first night. The stewed beef gets repurposed by adding
- chilli, canned beans, tomato paste = chilli
- fried onions, mushrooms &/or roasted capsicum, sour-cream = pasta sauce
- tomato paste, garlic, canned tomatoes = pasta sauce
- pastry = pies
- cooked carrots, peas (sometimes celery, turnip), covered with mashed potato, baked in oven = shepperds pie

I know it's not gourmet stuff, but in the mid-week rush all you want to do is get dinner on the table that everyone will enjoy! I would love other ideas - and thanks to The Dairy Queen for the inspiration to start this thread.

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