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ideas for cooking with a six-year-old....with type I diabetes

madbaker | Sep 8, 201312:26 PM

This winter I'm going to visit family, and I'd like to be able to do some cooking projects with my just-turned-six-year-old nephew, who has Type I diabetes. There are a lot of different reasons for this:

1) I like cooking, of course. :-)

2) I want him to have foods that he can eat and enjoy without having too much fuss and without feeling deprived. The last time I was there, they were having a really hard time balancing what he wanted to eat against massive swings in his blood sugar -- no kidding, banana pudding with Nilla wafers will do that. And everything he ate had to be weighed before he could eat it, so that they could calculate how much insulin to give him. I couldn't help wondering if his food restrictions were one reason that he always was wanting to play "let's pretend" baking games with me.

3) I want to find foods that would be easy for his parents to cook for him -- they're both really busy (two working parents, two surprise they're busy), and actually one parent doesn't like to cook at all. A lot of what they were eating the last time I was there came from restaurants and Trader Joe's.

But I have very little idea of what a six-year-old is capable of doing in the kitchen, particularly when it comes to diabetes-friendly foods. I did buy him some supposedly kid-safe knives (<a href=
" Curious Chef</a>) and may bring my Thermomix, which could help with chopping and stirring over heat.

Any advice on either what a six-year-old can do or what diabetes-friendly food a kid can make? I'm specifically hoping to find foods that have a low glycemic index/are low-carb and are overall healthful, something beyond your standard stir-fry. Oh, and affordable of course (see above re: family of four). Some ideas I've had so far are chawan mushi, portabello mushrooms with an egg baked on top, frittatas (notice a theme), turkey lettuce wraps, versions of ratatouille, and insalata caprese. For slightly more healthful desserts, I might try chickpea blondies. I'm told he's not into soups lately, or I'd make vegetable soups. I'm presuming I shouldn't let a six-year-old handle any raw meat. :-) Does anyone have any other advice or suggestions?

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