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Ideas for amaranth - aka African spinach, callaloo, Indian spinach, tampala

rworange | Aug 4, 2008 11:57 AM

... and a few other names - bush greens, calailu, Chinese spinach, hinn-choy, Joseph’s coat, strawberry spinach ... according to this Chow ingrediant link

As a few of these past links mention, it is quite beautiful ... some leaves green and others scarlett .. and I bought a huge bunch for a dollar at the farmers market on Sunday. This is not the grain, but the green.

How should I cook amaranth?

- sautee
- drop in soup
- Greek horta

Tips: The red leaves will leach into things and color them like beets, The longer you cook it, the more bitter the greens

The vendor I bought this from said it needed to be cooked, but I'm reading it is ok to eat raw. Will I die?

what to do with amaranth?

- sautee
- parboil and sautee
- braise

Any other ideas? Also, what is the best way to store these? I put some in a cup of water like basil and they didn't like that. The others loosely stored in a plastic bag seem in better condition but they aren't as pristine and stunning as yesterday.

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