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What is this??? Any ideas???


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What is this??? Any ideas???

Titus0327 | Mar 21, 2011 08:46 AM

I recently moved into a new house and the previous owners left us a pan of some sort with a handle. My wife and I both have no idea what it is for. She is guessing its for the microwave. Im betting the previous owners left it for us because they also had no idea what it is :). Its in great shape and appears as if its never been used, so I dont wanna throw it away.

Ive tried looking online and googling it as best as I could but have found nothing. There are no descriptive markings of any sort (ie. brands), just a size on the bottom of it...29cm 11 3/4"

I wish I could take a picture an post it but I cant. I'll describe it as best as I can....

Its round, with a 1" lip. The top of it appears to be teflon, or a non-stick surface of some sorts. Then it has what appears to be a metal pan underneath of it, as if the teflon pan sits inside of this metal pan. Under that it has a plastic/rubber thing attached to it. The rubber/plastic thing has 6 "legs" of sorts that raise the pan maybe a 1/2" off the counter. Then it also comes with a plastic handle, that is not attached. The handle works as if they were a pair of pliers and clamp onto the side of the pan, allowing you to lift it if it was hot I assume.

Any thoughts? Any thing I may be able to google about it?


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