Not About Food 63

Am I idealistic, old-fashioned, out of touch, a romantic, or just plain wrong? (Multiple choices allowed)

singlemalt | Jan 13, 201409:20 AM

The more I think about this, the more it bugs me. It's one of those things like the tune that keeps running through your head that you can't identify and can't shake off either.

Here is the issue, question: It has been my belief that when dining in a restaurant of some stature, that the check is never presented until requested. It has always been my impression that that is standard restaurant etiquette and that to do otherwise is tantamount to telling the diner that your time is up, leave now.

Recently, four of us were at a Michelin 3 star in NYC and right in the middle of my Fernet Branca, the waiter laid the check down on the table. Now I have been in dives and diners where the waitress walks from table to table passing out checks as an expediency, always explaining such and also explaining there is no hurry, just getting the job done.

In this case there was no explanation, just "plop" here is the check.

Am I so out of touch with today's concept of etiquette to have suffered a sense of umbrage ( there were also multiple phones on multiple tables multiple folks using them, but I acknowledge that that is a battle clearly lost.)

Thanks for your opinions.

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