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Your ideal burger?

johnjohnson78 | Mar 9, 2012 02:28 PM

With all the burger talk on these boards I just thought I'd see what you fellow chowhounders would want your dream burger to look like? Kill a bit of time at work perhaps? I'll start...

Patty: A fresh ground mixture of dry aged shortrib/brisket/ribeye or chuck....barely worked at all. Smash-style searing on a flat top griddle for a great crust and tons of salt and pepper

Bun: A freshly baked, barely-sweet brioche style

Toppings: A) Crisp bacon, 1 of: sharp aged cheddar/ Roquefort/ American cheese (not ashamed lol), iceburg lettuce, pickles, caramelized or diced raw white onions
B)Roasted and skinned poblano peppers and a really good melting cheese like Oaxaca, and crispy fried onions

Sauce: I'm a mustard and mayo guy(garlic aioli even better) but I'm getting into making my own In-and-out style signature sauce with a few tweaks such as added spiciness

I think that's it! Dang, this ridiculous fantasizing has made me hungry. I'm gonna have to hit the store to make a version of option B before the game tonight. Wish there was a place to get high quality, soft hamburger buns around here...

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