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Need an idea of what to order at a pub!

xvkarbear | Mar 15, 201212:50 PM

I don't drink very often at all, and almost never socially. I've been in a bar once in my life before now. I'm going to a celebration later at that same bar.

The only things I really like are Smirnoff Ice (raspberry flavored), mikes hard lemonade, and wine coolers. I know for a fact this bar doesn't do wine coolers.

What can I order? Would a bar, in theory, have straight flavored vodkas and just add club soda to them? How do I order this? Is there a special phrase I need to use?

Outside that, would a bar carry any kind of sweet wine? What are the names of sweet flavored wines?

I'm completely clueless and a little anxious about this.

(I realize I could forgo spirits all together, but last time I went they all puppydog eyed me into at least getting a glass of wine, which I didn't enjoy very much)

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