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Idea for new board-- Food Related Charity Events

Super Salad | May 18, 200811:14 AM

I posted a topic on a board about a laudable food event to raise funds for disaster relief. I received a message from Chowhound indicating that my message was removed for excellent reasons. First, this violates the standards of the boards, and second while my event may be genuine the administrators are ill-equipped to ferret out which events are real or not. The message was very apologetic.

I fully support this policy and understans the reasons for its existence but I wonder if there is a way to publicize these food events of interest on Chowhound.

I'm sure many hounds would be interested in using their food $ to support lots of good food events. It seems almost ridiculous that I can post about a for-profit Thai Restaurant Week event but not about a Thai Restaurant Week charity event.

How about something like an unregulated "Food Related Charity Events Board"?

The rules would be as follows
1. Topic title includes general location, date and charity
2. Post includes only the specific event date, time, charity, locale, and where possible and phone number or link to the event.
3. No non-food related events are permissible and such posts will be removed. I.e. fundraisers that are BBQs are okay, fundraisers that are danceathons are not.
4. Chowhound disclaims any responsibility as to whether the event is genuine and whether the charity is real.

What do you think?

These are just my initial thoughts but it seems as though in many ways, hounds pride themselves on their efforts to be good world citizens by eating locally and thinking globally. This might let us help in a new way.

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