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Phaedrus | Sep 14, 201106:34 AM

I am about to take a long driving trip and I had an idea. I don't know if you can pull this off, but you might be able to by hooking up with a map site.

Say I wanted to go from Ann Arbor to Blacksburg by car. I would usually get on Mapquest or Google and map it out. They would give me a turn by turn direction sheet and off we go. What if I could click on a button and the map is also populated with cool and esoteric food places that are must visits for Chowhounds? Most of the food options are the maps are fast food chain places that advertise with the map site, so that uisually isn't what I am looking for,

Similarly, you can do a separate database of food places in airports or close to airports. It gives those of us with long layovers a place to go.

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