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Icy Ocean Shrimp Spoiled/bad. Just bought.


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Icy Ocean Shrimp Spoiled/bad. Just bought.

logan09 | Jan 12, 2016 01:45 AM

I have bought one recently and i picked up another one. Just opened up a bag I bought from the store a few days ago. 11-15 count 2lb bag. Around $20. These are the biggest shrimp I've seen around in a while here.

Anyways, they were frozen when I bought them, immediately put in my freezer when I got home. I thawed them out and as soon as I opened the bag I could smell that bad fish smell. 6 of the shrimp were squishy and basically fell apart in my hand. One was starting to actually rot before it was packaged(There was an almost . I almost threw up. I threw the whole bag away.

Has anyone had problems with this brand? First bag I bought was fine. All good. But I am hesitant to buy again now.

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