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iceberg lettuce


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iceberg lettuce

Pat Darnell | Oct 2, 2002 04:01 PM

I have avoided iceberg lettuce with a vengeance, looking down on it with disdain. I just have bad memories of limp, brown-edged leaves in salads at cheap restaurants and bad meetings.
So last night, I had to take one of my kids to a 5th grade pot luck dinner at school. The food was great, with lots of ethnic offerings. My son went back for at least four servings of the salad made with iceberg lettuce. He loved it. He requested that I buy some and make that salad at home. He even wrote it on my grocery list.
Iceberg lettuce used to be the only lettuce available in the markets for salads. Since other lettuces have become so readily available, I don't think I've purchased iceberg in 20 years or so, certainly not in his lifetime. My kids love salad, but I never use iceberg lettuce. Do I have an unfair mental block against iceberg? Have I missed out on something great for all these years? Should I hope he forgets?

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