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Ice Cream Taste Test, Part 2


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Ice Cream Taste Test, Part 2

Cloudy | Oct 14, 2001 11:58 PM

As promised, here are the results of the blind taste test of chocolate ice creams that my boyfriend arranged for me. (Part 1 was the blind test of vanillas which I arranged for him a couple of months ago.)

The winner (narrowly): Haagen-Dazs again! Although its victory was due more to its supremely creamy and smooth texture than to a superiority of chocolate flavor. Second place went to a brand with which I was unfamiliar, Creme Cremaillere, from NY State. The chocolate flavor of this one was actually more intense than the HD, but the texture was not as smooth, which was surprising since they had the same fat content. (Until I did this test, I didn't realize just how important ice cream texture is to me.)

In third place was Ciao Bella. Very good but not really close to the winners. Perhaps unfair to judge a gelato in the same group as high-butterfat egg-yolk laden premium ice creams.

The loser (and I use the word loser deliberately): Godiva Classic Milk Chocolate. It SUCKED! I was shocked; as I was tasting it, I assumed it was a cheap supermarket brand. Very little chocolate flavor, and kind of icy texture. I would never buy it again, and I'm not even sure I will finish what's left over in my freezer.

So I guess now I have to do a follow-up test with some brands that I missed; when Brian was shopping for the test samples, he couldn't find Ben & Jerry's (which in my opinion used to have the best chocolate, but it has gone noticeably downhill in recent years) or Ronnybrook Farms. We should probably try Breyer's, too. And to be totally fair, I think we should try the other Godiva type (I guess it's a dark chocolate).

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