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Ice Cream Souffle- Please Help Take My Mom Back to Paris


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Ice Cream Souffle- Please Help Take My Mom Back to Paris

NicoleFriedman | Sep 24, 2006 12:22 AM

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For years I thought that my mom had confused what she believed she had eaten 20 years ago in Paris for a different dish as I had never found a restaurant who could make it, nor could I find it in a google search...until this week (I saw a picture- it does exist!). Called either icecream souffle or icecream four- it is NOT baked alaska which is covered in merengue-. Rather, it appears as if icecream had been covered with either some kind of sauce or souffle like mixture and broiled...check out the picture on the website (google girl who ate everything). If I could even find a recipe I could easily make it but since I haven't found one I was hoping if anyone knows of a French restaurant that makes something like this dessert. My mom has been craving it for 20 years- please help! Thanks!

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