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Ice Cream Sodas

mikka | Oct 18, 2007 06:10 PM

Ice cream sodas were one of my family's favorite treats when I was young, but as I got older and mom and pop ice cream places were replaced by Stone Cold Creameries and Haagen Daaz franchises, ice cream sodas were soon forgotten, overshadowed by the easier to make milkshake. If you aren't familiar it's similar to a milkshake but w/ soda water... but like baking, everything has to be just the right measurement.

Anyways, my sister is coming to visit me and she's considering finally making the jump to NYC. Of all the possible options I've offered the one thing she's requested is a proper ice cream soda. I've tried to stay fit and have purposely kept myself out of the many ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt that I'm sure are around, but now I'm on a mission... so I'm seeking your advice.

Can anyone recommend a ice cream shop that makes an excellent ice cream soda. And preferably somewhere where we don't get a blank stare when we make our request? Just somewhere that appreciates ice cream in it's many various forms. Manhattan or outer boroughs, I'll travel wherever.


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