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Ice Cream Maker - Kitchen Aid Attachment?


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Ice Cream Maker - Kitchen Aid Attachment?

adamclyde | Jan 7, 2006 11:13 AM

Sadly, my well used Krups ice cream maker has finally come to its end. Actually, the motor still works wonderfully, but the seal on the freezer bowl must have broken because whatever the liquid is inside now leaks out. (anyone know what the liquid is inside??). Tragic, as I make ice cream weekly. Oh well, the machine has been used regularly for the past 6 years.

I have three choices:

1) buy a replacement bowl for the krups. (I'm actually going to call Krup's and Williams-Sonoma, where I bought it to see what they say...). But if they don't offer anything, should I buy a replacement for $40?

2) Buy the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream attachment. I'm leaning in this direction. It's about $80, so more expensive. But I think it would be more powerful too. It also has slightly more capacity than most freezer bowl versions (KA has 2 quarts while most freezer bowl-types have 1.5 qts). But I'm concerned that the bowl would be quite a bit larger, thus taking more space in my freezer. Also, does the bowl freeze as well as the Krups?

3) Buy a two-bowl version. then I could freeze two bowls and make either twice as much or two different kinds simultaneously.

Thoughts? Most specifically, has any one used the Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment?

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