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Ice cream maker finale-Attn. Winedude/Carb Lover


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Ice cream maker finale-Attn. Winedude/Carb Lover

JeffW | Nov 25, 2005 12:29 PM

Just want to thank you both for your respective inputs on the joy/art of preparing home made ice cream.
Originally my post pertained to unsavory “butter chips” which would form in my pricey Ugolini Minigel.
I also said that if I would ever use a Donvier type of machine that this phenomenon would not occur.
So from you two I’ve learned about a Deni (Donvier type) machine, and the Gelato Jr. (self contained freezer), made by Lello (formerly Simac).
I’m close to the end of obsessing, but I just thought I would throw out where the aforementioned obsessing has led me, and I would LOVE your inputs.
I did find an excellent price ($29.99 including shipping) on the Deni 1.5 quart unit and it will be in my home on Nov. 30th.
Regarding the Gelato Jr., unfortunately I will miss the boat on the extra savings that Winedude told me about. On the other hand, if Windude responds before Nov. 27 (the savings deadline), I may end up with that machine too.
My Ugolini machine is a 1 quart capacity unit. My cooked custard base has been a full 4 cups, and the resulting ice cream would have very little air. For storing, the ice cream would be extra firm, and at serving, I would let it soften a bit first. The ice cream though was smooth, dense, and creamy.
I’ve noted that Donvier types of machines tend to incorporate more air into the ice cream, and the finished ice cream, when stored, is easier to scoop, but also creamy and smooth.
I ended up speaking to a fellow from the Lello company (makers of Gelato Jr.).
Gelato Jr. is a 1 quart capacity unit, and Greg told me that you should NEVER pour more than 2 cups of mix into this machine, as the incorporated air would make my 4 cups of ice cream base, run out of the machine.
So evidently the Lello machine dasher is designed to incorporate air into the ice cream, like the Donvier/Deni type of machine, and perhaps my Ugolini’s dasher was made to incorporate very little air, hence my 4 cups of batter turning into just a bit more than 4 cups of ice cream.
My hopes are that my cooked standard batter (2 cups heavy cream, 1 cup whole milk, 6 oz. wt. sugar, pinch salt, 5 yolks---plus flavoring) will not overflow my new 1 ½ quart Deni.
I am less sure about the Gelato Jr. at this point.
Winedude, I would love to hear how much ice cream batter you’ve poured into your one quart machine. Maybe you’ve put in 4 cups of batter without an overflow problem. The price of your unit ($135) sounds like such a great deal for a self contained freezer model. Lello also makes “Gelato Pro”, with a 2 quart capacity, and as I don’t want to start doing half batches of my standard ice cream base, I am in a quandary if I should go for the larger machine. It’s way more expensive though, and I’m leery of deciding until I hear back from you.
Thanks for reading my long winded post, and I hope that both of your holiday seasons are filled with lots of fun/tasty cooking and sharing with loved ones.

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