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Hydrox sighting- too good to be true?


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Hydrox sighting- too good to be true?

cypressstylepie | Mar 3, 2003 01:28 PM

I had posted a while ago asking about the existence or demise of Hydrox cookies. According to those responses, I was left understanding that they are gone- even Droxies. On another non-food related board I go to, someone mentioned Hydrox and I had to ask about availability. Here's the response- I suspect the info is outdated/predates Droxies being taken off the market. But the food distributor link lists both Droxies AND Hydrox cookies.

*squeezes eyes shut and whispers "Please let it be true, please let it be true*

Here's the info I got from the other board:

"Well, I did a search and here's what I found.

Ice creams that have a cookies and cream floavor using hydrox cookies.

A food service company that sells Droxie bite-size cookies

Interesting article on the buyout of Hydrox:

From what I saw online, Droxies should still be in stores..."


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